Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nice & Casual

Nice & Casual

Long sleeve blouse
$22 -

YMI embroidered jeans
$38 -

Knit boots
$35 -

Tote hand bag
$89 -

Braided jewelry
$13 -

{Market Night} #3- Grace for Grace

Again, Stacy and I SHOP...I keep thinking that with each market we will shop a little less and maybe actually keep all our hard earned money...but for now we spend every.single.time (shhhh don't tell the husbands).

We had the pleasure of being next to Tiffany at the Little Penelope Lane Boutique in March. We were admiring her work and she was doing the same with ours. We LOVE it when other vendors like/love what we have. She has a little boy so she knows just how hard it is to find cute boy stuff. We even made a custom Pegolls set for her lil' bubba.

Her work is amazing, she is even hand painting while she sells at shows...seriously AH.MAZ.ING. Follow her on facebook and check out her etsy shop. 

Here is one of Stacy's great finds from Tiffany (and her super cute vintage little people sewing machine!) ! We hope to see her again soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Earth Day}

When I picked up the kids from school yesterday, my 1st grader was very excited to tell me that Sunday was Earth Day and we needed to do something to help the earth. He continued to tell me that we should pick up trash or plant some trees. He also reminded me that the Lorax was trying to help the earth...I LOVE when the lightbulb in my kids' heads goes off and they make a connection.

I already have an idea for Earth day that is also going to be a little gift for a few hard working teachers I know...but that post will have to wait until after Monday, so I don't ruin the surprise. Until then, I thought I'd turn to Pinterest for some fun ideas of things to do with the kids over the weekend. We already brainstormed picking up trash, recycling, using re-usable bags, donating or re-purposing items instead of throwing them away, and planting more plants and trees.

Stacy and I have pinned a few fun ideas for the kids to celebrate Earth day, while you're there 'follow us' on Pinterest for more ideas for your lil' bubbas.

Even though it is 90+ degrees outside, I decided to take a hour or so and bake some Earth Day cupcakes with my little guys...well 3 of them. The oldest and the 6 year old were too busy swimming to help out. And honestly I think my 8 year old only helped so he could lick the spoon (after we were done of course).

Directions: take 1 cute toddler ('Flash') and one cute baby (both optional...but they make it more fun and cute!)

Give wooden spoon to baby and watch him 'help'...again cuteness factor. 

okay on to the real directions. Take a box cake mix or homemade if you're an overachiever. I choose a white vanilla cake so the colors would be as bright as possible.

Follow directions on the box, then divide batter into two halves. Add blue food coloring to one half and green food coloring to the other. Then place each color in its own plastic ziplock bag. 

Let cute toddler lick the scrapper. 

Let 8 year old who "didn't want to help" lick some too. 

Poor guy...he can't lick the spoons or mixers yet. 

Snip one small piece out of the corner of the ziplock and squeeze some of each color into greased cupcake pan. 

Follow baking instructions and Enjoy =)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Market Night} #2 -Little Penelope Lane

Where to start? We've said it before, but we love to shop the other vendors at the markets we sell at. You'd have to be a vendor to see the mad dash to set up our booths to then run around and shop before costumers come...we all do it! And Stacy and I always shop at Sarah's booth! She makes the greatest hair wraps designed for girls AND adults and lots of cute hair bows and clips.

More importantly, she is just about the sweetest, nicest, and welcoming person we have met. She's a great mom and you'll have to read her blog about all the family adventures her, her husband and their 2 beautiful girls and handsome lil' man go on. Her oldest daughter...WILL be famous someday for her Spina Bifida advocacy work...did I mention that she is only 8?!? Read Katie's amazing story here. You'll have to follow the family blog to see all the amazing things this little girl is doing. She is just a sweet as her mom. I talked with her for just a few minutes at the LPL market her mother hosted last month and in just that few minutes she left a lasting impression.

I had every intention of posting a picture of us wearing them...but my hair wouldn't cooperate and Stacy...well she was busy today as a result of her son not cooperating...maybe she'll fill you all in later. So this shot from Sarah's fb page will have to work...but trust us they are AWEsome.

Make sure to check out and like her facebook page. Her amazing family blog and her Little Penelope Lane blog.

I know we are both looking forward to seeing Sarah again in a few weeks at a MOPS fundraiser in Yorba Linda and Queen Bee in Carlsbad!

*our shout outs for our {Market Night} post are un-paid and our way of spreading the love to other handmade vendors. 

What I {Wish I} Wore Wednesday

We are both pretty sure that we aren't the only ones who have great intentions
of NOT wearing the mom uniform, but seemingly fall back into the
rut..... and since we also know that you really don't need to see pics of moms
wearing a t-shirt and jeans or yoga pants and a loose top, we will spare you. We
have decided that there are more than enough blog series ;out there titled
"What I wore Wednesday", so we are changing it up (cause we're rebels like that).

So until we can find the time to shop without our toddlers running around-then
protesting when they get put in the cart (that would be 'Flash'), without the potty
trained diva that ALWAYS has to go when we are no where near the restroom,
and without our older boys that want to be anywhere but in the mom clothes
section-we will have to live vicariously through all the other bloggers that actually
wear something worth posting (or at least on Wednesdays).

Warm Weather casual

Apt 9 platform wedge
$30 -

Tote handbag
$28 -

Dorothy Perkins beaded jewelry
$17 -

Rope jewelry
$20 -

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Target Tuesday} It's Getting Hot in Here....

Welcome to Target Tuesday- Crazy Warm weather Edition.

 And because we are lucky enough to have a Super Target, our first stop on Target Tuesday is usually at Starbucks. Especially on hot days.... like today. Seriously, it was at least 90 degrees here today (cold and crazy thunderstorms 4 days ago.... no wonder we are all getting sick).

Now, we do love our Fraps on a hot day, but when you are looking for something a little lighter, we suggest an Iced Passion Tea or Passion Tea lemonade with 2 pumps of Raspberry sweetener. 
(Venti.... just because)
Then head back to the outdoor furniture section, throw up your feet (preferably on a CUTE teal  bistro set) and enjoy..... what?! No one else just hangs out in Target like this?! Don't knock it till you try it.... and you are all welcome to come hang out with us. Just don't mind the noisy toddlers that always seem to follow us around while we're there. We've gotten used to them. ;) 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that a Starbucks habit can get REALLY spendy. So we would like to share with you a much more wallet friendly version of our favorite drink. And of course we found these ingredients at Target.

Check out the Tea isle, they now have Tazo Iced Passion teabags (same as what Starbucks serves you). At our Target this box of Tazo is $3.99
Wait! It gets better! The directions for the Passion Tea Lemonade are right on the back of the box! No scouring the internet for the perfect recipe. You're welcome!

I tried it out at home with this Minute Made lemonade and it was just as great as what we get from Starbucks. This bottle of lemonade was under $3 and is in the refrigerated section.
The one thing that I did differently from the directions on the box, is that I didn't mix the tea and lemonade together in my pitcher. I waited and poured each of them (in equal parts) in my glass. In the directions it said that you had to use the lemonade/ tea mixture withing 1 day..... and I wasn't sure that I could drink THAT much of a good thing in that short of a time period. 

One other thing that I did was added a splash or two of Pomegranate drink syrup that  we already had on hand for Margaritas..... This syrup is non alcoholic and was purchased at BevMo. I'll update if I end up being able to find a good beverage syrup available at Target. 

**Public service announcement when following the directions on the box...... don't use a nice pitcher (like pictured in the directions) to mix your HOT water with your tea bag..... just do it in a POT (duh). Please don't ask me why I know this, just do it. :(

And the 7 day forecast for our area, is showing that temps will be near 100 degrees on Saturday. Im thinking that we will be breaking out the Passion Tea lemonade this weekend!

You can get all of the nutritional info for the original Starbucks version HERE 

We have not been compensated in any way by the Brands or products mentioned in this post. These are just brands that we love and have used in the past. 

{It's Party Time!}

Stacy and I are busy working on lots of products for upcoming craft markets, but we also have to keep up with all the latest blogging techniques to get our name out there. Today we linked up to 5 minutes for mom. It's a great resource for just about anything you can think of that moms deal with on a day to day basis.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
For other party blog hoppers here is a little about Stacy and I. We are two stay at home moms to a combined 8 kids (!!!!) I have 5 boys and Stacy has 2 boys and one sassy lil' diva. We both have  a love for crafting and creating. About 18 months ago, we started to have Ladies crafts nights as a way for us to get together with a small group of friends to socialize, talk, and craft. From there, Stacy and I decided to start selling one of our crafts (wooden frames) at a small craft fair. That day we saw lots of moms shopping but with a look of disappointment on their faces. Not because there wasn't great stuff, not because the prices weren't right, but because they came in with their little boys and there wasn't anything for them. It was then that we brainstormed all the 'basics' that every lil' bubba needs to have. 

Follow us for more stories about our lil' bubbas and our adventures as SAHMs. Trust us when we say with all our boys, there is never a dull moment. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

{Market Night} #1-Marine Parents

As we continue our adventure in blogging, we wanted to have a way to have a "shout-out" to some of our favorite vendors. Some are ones that we know personally from attending different markets, some are blogs we stalk follow, and some are just shops we love!
Eventually, I'm thinking we'll have them introduce themselves, etc. But for now...that'll be us. So for our 1st Market Night shout out we'd like to introduce April of Marine parents. Stacy told me about her last summer when Stacy and her mom went to Sew Funky (while I was on vacation). Stacy and I then went to Sew Funky in October and were vendors in December.  She makes AMAZING bags, pouches, ipad and e-reader sleeves. Stacy bought her cute camera strap cover from April back in October and I bought car seat strap covers (she no longer makes them). 

Stacy and I both enjoy shopping the other vendors while we are "working" at markets, but I'm always excited when other vendors shop us too! We just shipped out a special order of AWEsome characters she bought as a gift (can't say who for or what they are...just incase!). 

Check out her blog and her Etsy shop

And today we got some scrap fabric from her...not sure what we'll do with it yet but it'll be great! 

And I love her simple and sweet packaging. Hello WASHI tape!

April we wish you and your beautiful family nothing but the best in Japan. I know you'll continue being successful and we look forward to reading all about it. 

*our shout outs for our {Market Night} post are un-paid and our way of spreading the love to other handmade vendors. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{photo-shoot bubba style}

Our Bubba's Basics photo shoot has been in the works for a while.

The plan- Step 1: wake up our very happy and excited darling children

                Step 2: take them on a mini-road trip to Redlands
                Step 3: they will ALL cooperate and wear our new Bubba's ties and trucker hats
                Step 4: they will all pose and look like baby and kid Gap models

Sounds simple enough right? Did I mention that we have a combined 8 children?!? My oldest (16) was at his mom's house so I'm sure he was heartbroken that he didn't get to part take in this day of torture fun. Even with one kid down we still have 7, and they are all under 10. 

Here's how it really went down- 
                The night before I was still frantically finishing a dress for lil' Miss Sassy pants to wear. I didn't turn out the way I had planned in my head, but it worked for the shoot. Although I'm not sure if she'll be able to wear it much after that. 
                 The day of the morning started fine, kids woke up, cooperated and we got in the car within the (very generous) "what time are we leaving" window Stacy and I agreed upon. When we arrived in beautiful downtown Redlands, the chaos began. My darling 2 year old refused to hold my hand so as I grab it, his knees stop working and he falls to the I am now practically dragging him across the cross walk, while he said over and over, "whet go momma, whet go"! Let the fun begin! On the sidewalk he has freedom again, so his knees are healed and work! Amazing...he's a miracle! 
                 As we get to our location, the above darling 2 year old refused to wear a tie OR a hat. Seriously?!? I've never met a more concerned about his clothes child at his age. He even has a cute pair of  shoes that he will not wear...I guess they'll be saved for the baby to wear in a couple years. The older kids cooperated very well and did a great job. The baby finally woke up and was perfect...poor guy is at a serious disadvantage that he can't run away. Then once again there's the 2 year old, he was running all over the place. [He shall now be known as Flash from here on out]. Flash would sit still for 1.2 seconds then boom-he was out of the shot. 
                 So here's a little preview of our shoot. We'll post more later and will have an album on our facebook page

A behind the chaos look captured by Stacy. 

Shockingly, Flash wasn't in this shot. And how is it, that we give them funny props on sticks and they get serious?!?

Stacy grabbed Flash and set him on the suitcase, this is right before he started crying and reaching for me.

We finally have a shot with him NOT crying or running away! Not a great one, but we have one!

 And one last one...with ALL the kiddos! Flash was trying to grab the baby. 

Well the shoot wasn't what I had pictured, but in the end we got a few cute shots (more coming up another day) and we had a few laughs too [and a yummy lunch- imagine the panic attack the the employees must have had as we ALL walked into the tiny 50's burger joint]. 


We were both at target together yesterday -big shocker- and I felt like I hadn't been shopping with her in weeks. Then we realized it actually HAD been a couple of weeks. Last week the big kids were on Spring break, and as much as we love hanging out together, we don't always love hanging out together with ALL the kids! The last week of March we were so busy getting ready for the Sew Funky Market that we didn't have time to wander through our favorite place. 

While wandering, I stumbled upon some new to me products. Check out all the cuteness in this aisle...

matching clips, paper clips, magnets

                                 and my favorite find WASHI (we'll call it target!!!

We couldn't decide which colors to get so teal(ish) red and orange! 

                                  I already used some of mine! But being new to the whole washi tape thing, I turned to Pinterest (duh!) And I think I may have found my next pinterest and washi/tashi tape project!

                                                                Check it out here

So if you're a Target fan...what do you HAVE to get there? And if you're a Washi tape fan...what do you use it for?

Coming up from our Bubba's Basics photoshoot! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

What do you mail?

Remember the days when everyone sent cards instead of posting "Happy fill-in-the-blank-holiday" on their facebook page? I'm the first to admit that I am horrible about sending cards in the mail. But I am the first to say how thoughtful they are and how much I LOVE getting them. I have a friend, Laura, that is great, awesome, amazing at sending cute cards (usually pictures of her handsome boys) and a fun little treat in the mail for every holiday. When I grow up, I want to be more like my friend Laura! I'm trying. 

I first saw this idea  here. I saw it a couple years ago, but then recently saw it on Pinterest-isn't EVERYthing on pinterest?!? 

It's simple, take a cheap plastic egg

fill it with some yummy treats- best to avoid anything that will melt during shipping.

Make sure to clearly label the address and lastly take the the post office. I wish I could've taken a picture of the post man's face when I had the boys drop a couple of eggs on his desk...but in the midst of the craziness of dragging bringing 4 kids under 9 to the post office -including a 2 year old that won't hold hands and when I grab his hand, yells "wet go momma, wet go"...I somehow managed to forget to take a picture.

I am happy to report that my niece and nephew did receive their eggs safely, a day late but safely...again I'm trying. I'll get there-eventually.