Monday, April 9, 2012

What do you mail?

Remember the days when everyone sent cards instead of posting "Happy fill-in-the-blank-holiday" on their facebook page? I'm the first to admit that I am horrible about sending cards in the mail. But I am the first to say how thoughtful they are and how much I LOVE getting them. I have a friend, Laura, that is great, awesome, amazing at sending cute cards (usually pictures of her handsome boys) and a fun little treat in the mail for every holiday. When I grow up, I want to be more like my friend Laura! I'm trying. 

I first saw this idea  here. I saw it a couple years ago, but then recently saw it on Pinterest-isn't EVERYthing on pinterest?!? 

It's simple, take a cheap plastic egg

fill it with some yummy treats- best to avoid anything that will melt during shipping.

Make sure to clearly label the address and lastly take the the post office. I wish I could've taken a picture of the post man's face when I had the boys drop a couple of eggs on his desk...but in the midst of the craziness of dragging bringing 4 kids under 9 to the post office -including a 2 year old that won't hold hands and when I grab his hand, yells "wet go momma, wet go"...I somehow managed to forget to take a picture.

I am happy to report that my niece and nephew did receive their eggs safely, a day late but safely...again I'm trying. I'll get there-eventually. 

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