Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Earth Day}

When I picked up the kids from school yesterday, my 1st grader was very excited to tell me that Sunday was Earth Day and we needed to do something to help the earth. He continued to tell me that we should pick up trash or plant some trees. He also reminded me that the Lorax was trying to help the earth...I LOVE when the lightbulb in my kids' heads goes off and they make a connection.

I already have an idea for Earth day that is also going to be a little gift for a few hard working teachers I know...but that post will have to wait until after Monday, so I don't ruin the surprise. Until then, I thought I'd turn to Pinterest for some fun ideas of things to do with the kids over the weekend. We already brainstormed picking up trash, recycling, using re-usable bags, donating or re-purposing items instead of throwing them away, and planting more plants and trees.

Stacy and I have pinned a few fun ideas for the kids to celebrate Earth day, while you're there 'follow us' on Pinterest for more ideas for your lil' bubbas.

Even though it is 90+ degrees outside, I decided to take a hour or so and bake some Earth Day cupcakes with my little guys...well 3 of them. The oldest and the 6 year old were too busy swimming to help out. And honestly I think my 8 year old only helped so he could lick the spoon (after we were done of course).

Directions: take 1 cute toddler ('Flash') and one cute baby (both optional...but they make it more fun and cute!)

Give wooden spoon to baby and watch him 'help'...again cuteness factor. 

okay on to the real directions. Take a box cake mix or homemade if you're an overachiever. I choose a white vanilla cake so the colors would be as bright as possible.

Follow directions on the box, then divide batter into two halves. Add blue food coloring to one half and green food coloring to the other. Then place each color in its own plastic ziplock bag. 

Let cute toddler lick the scrapper. 

Let 8 year old who "didn't want to help" lick some too. 

Poor guy...he can't lick the spoons or mixers yet. 

Snip one small piece out of the corner of the ziplock and squeeze some of each color into greased cupcake pan. 

Follow baking instructions and Enjoy =)

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