Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I {Wish I} Wore Wednesday

We are both pretty sure that we aren't the only ones who have great intentions
of NOT wearing the mom uniform, but seemingly fall back into the
rut..... and since we also know that you really don't need to see pics of moms
wearing a t-shirt and jeans or yoga pants and a loose top, we will spare you. We
have decided that there are more than enough blog series ;out there titled
"What I wore Wednesday", so we are changing it up (cause we're rebels like that).

So until we can find the time to shop without our toddlers running around-then
protesting when they get put in the cart (that would be 'Flash'), without the potty
trained diva that ALWAYS has to go when we are no where near the restroom,
and without our older boys that want to be anywhere but in the mom clothes
section-we will have to live vicariously through all the other bloggers that actually
wear something worth posting (or at least on Wednesdays).

Warm Weather casual

Apt 9 platform wedge
$30 -

Tote handbag
$28 -

Dorothy Perkins beaded jewelry
$17 -

Rope jewelry
$20 -

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