Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{It's Party Time!}

Stacy and I are busy working on lots of products for upcoming craft markets, but we also have to keep up with all the latest blogging techniques to get our name out there. Today we linked up to 5 minutes for mom. It's a great resource for just about anything you can think of that moms deal with on a day to day basis.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
For other party blog hoppers here is a little about Stacy and I. We are two stay at home moms to a combined 8 kids (!!!!) I have 5 boys and Stacy has 2 boys and one sassy lil' diva. We both have  a love for crafting and creating. About 18 months ago, we started to have Ladies crafts nights as a way for us to get together with a small group of friends to socialize, talk, and craft. From there, Stacy and I decided to start selling one of our crafts (wooden frames) at a small craft fair. That day we saw lots of moms shopping but with a look of disappointment on their faces. Not because there wasn't great stuff, not because the prices weren't right, but because they came in with their little boys and there wasn't anything for them. It was then that we brainstormed all the 'basics' that every lil' bubba needs to have. 

Follow us for more stories about our lil' bubbas and our adventures as SAHMs. Trust us when we say with all our boys, there is never a dull moment. 

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