Thursday, May 3, 2012

{Market Night} #4-Pretty Times Three

As a mom of 5 boys, I have no need for cute girly tutus.  But as a photographer, I LOVE them!!! I mean really, can it get any cuter than a little baby or toddler in yards and yards of big fluffy tulle!?!

Our featured {Market Night} vendor for this week, is a WAHM to 3 beautiful little girls. She's also a local (to us) momma, so we've even run into her at target a time or two (target? shocker, I may have even been on a tuesday!). She not only makes fabulous tutus and accessories, but she will also teach you and some friends how to make them yourself. Amazing, right!

Stacy and I have hosted a few Ladies Craft Nights, and had Michelle come to teach us how to make them last Spring. She brings a a TON of tulle for you to choose from and teaches you step by step how to make them. I'm not sure how often she actually goes to peoples houses to do it, but I know she does 'lessons' at a few different boutiques.

Check out her here and her shop. If you stop by say hi and tell her we sent you.

*our shout outs for our {Market Night} posts are un-paid and just our way of spreading the love to other handmade vendors. 

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