Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Target Tuesday} It's Getting Hot in Here....

Welcome to Target Tuesday- Crazy Warm weather Edition.

 And because we are lucky enough to have a Super Target, our first stop on Target Tuesday is usually at Starbucks. Especially on hot days.... like today. Seriously, it was at least 90 degrees here today (cold and crazy thunderstorms 4 days ago.... no wonder we are all getting sick).

Now, we do love our Fraps on a hot day, but when you are looking for something a little lighter, we suggest an Iced Passion Tea or Passion Tea lemonade with 2 pumps of Raspberry sweetener. 
(Venti.... just because)
Then head back to the outdoor furniture section, throw up your feet (preferably on a CUTE teal  bistro set) and enjoy..... what?! No one else just hangs out in Target like this?! Don't knock it till you try it.... and you are all welcome to come hang out with us. Just don't mind the noisy toddlers that always seem to follow us around while we're there. We've gotten used to them. ;) 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that a Starbucks habit can get REALLY spendy. So we would like to share with you a much more wallet friendly version of our favorite drink. And of course we found these ingredients at Target.

Check out the Tea isle, they now have Tazo Iced Passion teabags (same as what Starbucks serves you). At our Target this box of Tazo is $3.99
Wait! It gets better! The directions for the Passion Tea Lemonade are right on the back of the box! No scouring the internet for the perfect recipe. You're welcome!

I tried it out at home with this Minute Made lemonade and it was just as great as what we get from Starbucks. This bottle of lemonade was under $3 and is in the refrigerated section.
The one thing that I did differently from the directions on the box, is that I didn't mix the tea and lemonade together in my pitcher. I waited and poured each of them (in equal parts) in my glass. In the directions it said that you had to use the lemonade/ tea mixture withing 1 day..... and I wasn't sure that I could drink THAT much of a good thing in that short of a time period. 

One other thing that I did was added a splash or two of Pomegranate drink syrup that  we already had on hand for Margaritas..... This syrup is non alcoholic and was purchased at BevMo. I'll update if I end up being able to find a good beverage syrup available at Target. 

**Public service announcement when following the directions on the box...... don't use a nice pitcher (like pictured in the directions) to mix your HOT water with your tea bag..... just do it in a POT (duh). Please don't ask me why I know this, just do it. :(

And the 7 day forecast for our area, is showing that temps will be near 100 degrees on Saturday. Im thinking that we will be breaking out the Passion Tea lemonade this weekend!

You can get all of the nutritional info for the original Starbucks version HERE 

We have not been compensated in any way by the Brands or products mentioned in this post. These are just brands that we love and have used in the past. 

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