Thursday, November 15, 2012

{Handmade Holiday}- covers, chevron, and chalk...oh my!

I LOVE that Stacy and I get to meet so many people while on our boutique adventures {selling AND spending}. I was talking to Andrea {Kutz, Paper, Scissors} at the last Penelope Lane Boutique we did back in September, I realized that we had been selling at a few Sew Funky markets with her and somehow managed to not strike up a conversation...sad. 

First off, I should tell you how awesome her set up was! A rainbow of chevron, crates 6+ foot high crates and chalkboards...LOVED all of it! But her products are just as amazing!

She seriously has these pillow covers in just about every color!

Her bags are fabulous! I love the chevron ones the most (shocking!)

I adore the chalkboard sign! I'm having fun leaving notes for my boys!

I couldn't help myself I got a pair of yellow and white chevron pillow covers, one coral chevron pillow cover, the love you because chalkboard and a pumpkin! 

Make sure to check out her facebook, shop and blog.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Handmade Holiday}- We've nailed it with this one!

Last June, Stacy and I went to the 1st ever Elevate Bloggers conference co-hosted by Summer of Made by Munchies Mama. Somehow I managed to not post about Elevate...I'll keep it was AWEsome! We left with inspiration, great swag, a cute craft that we made, sore abs {lots...I mean LOTS of laughing} and sore cheeks {again with the laughing and smiling}, but more than anything we left with friends. 

We have since seen Summer as she started selling at some of the same boutiques as us this summer! Stacy and I love that we continue to see our crafty/blogging friends in real life not just on our phone/ipad/computer screens.

Summer is not only adorable but she's hilarious too! Make sure to follow her blog to hear about her, her 2 adorable boys {one named since we both have Dylan's we were meant to be friends, right?!?} and her hubby.

You can check out her awesome 'Nailed it Decals' on both Etsy and Store Envy. My favorites are the chevron and anchors!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Handmade Holiday}-gift ideas

In my attempts to keep our blog going, I spent a few days to think about why we blog. To be 100% honest we started as a way to promote our Buisness. But shortly after starting, we integrated our Market Night posts, and I knew that the reason I wanted to blog was to not only help our business but also to help promote others.

I tend to think that I'm pretty crafty, but there are times when I'd rather support another handmade business than make it myself. I love handmade gifts! The thought that goes into them, the time and most importantly the heart that goes into them {even if its not made by me}.

For the next month or so {42 days until Christmas} I'll be posting about either a handmade {crafty} vendor that we love or a simple and fun gift that you can make and gift yourself.

This crafty momma is not only very talented, but is super sweet and Stacy and I are so very glad we met her at Penelope Lane boutique earlier this year. Please check out Heather's Buisness {sTuck in the Coop}on Etsy and on Store Envy and like her Facebook page too.

Here's a few of MY favorites, but make sure to check out her stores to find yours. I've even messaged my hubby on facebook to let him know that ANYthing from her shop is on my Christmas wish list...I'm keepin' it real around here.

beach inspired

colorful cuff {I have one in teal...yes teal, I'm sure you're shocked}

She even has gifts for men. And I love this one. 

And probably my favorite is her nest and eggs, although there needs to be a couple for eggs to make it for me. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good old fashion imagination {and pegs}

Sometimes I look around my house and wonder how my parents (and I for that matter) survived "back in the olden days" as my boy #2 says.

We are blessed and have lots of electronic toys for all of us. Between video gaming systems, computers, iPads and laptops I sometime forget how easy it is to hand them over to the boys to keep them busy while I get work done. But I also wonder to how future generations will be effected.

When boy #2 started school we implemented the no video games during the school week rule. So I do see my boys using their imagination, playing OUTside and pretending to be superheroes, ninjas and policeman. But it gets me thinking that there are plenty of kids that are plugged in constantly to 'toys' that don't let them experience the fun that they can only experience in real world.

I'm not perfect, nor pretend to be. There are times that I hand over the iPad to my toddler so he will be quiet while I get in my stroller strides workout. Tonight though, without being prompted, without being told turn off the tv and video games-my boy #2 made up is own game using our peg dolls. It was magical. He made rules and a simple game board. It wasn't high tech, it didn't require batteries, to be plugged in or even the Internet...can you imagine that?!? My boys played for a solid hour using brains and imagination! It's the simple things in life that melt my heart.

And my pegs can be found in our newly opened Etsy store {shameless plug}

Friday, November 2, 2012

{Market Night} Vintage Sunshine

Summer really has Stacy and I falling behind on blogging, my goal over the next few weeks is to really get back into it again. I'm always busy over the summer, but this one I was beyond busy! Here's a quick rundown:

June-  boys (#2 and #3) out of school for summer, soccer sign ups, Elevate conference (blog to come), friends daughter's birthday party, Relay for Life team party, Father's day mini photography sessions, Boy #3's birthday party, Boy Scouts, Dentist appointments, my dad's birthday, father's day, my mother in law's birthday, boy #1's birthday, and road trip to Washington to visit my family and to see my new niece (born on boy #3's birthday)

July- was filled with lots of adventures in Seattle (Science Center, Pike's place, ferry rides) and surrounding areas (camping, beach walking, smore making) and when I returned to CA, we made a decision that we were going to move...all of two doors down but a move none the less, so I packed and packed and packed...and packed some more. As a family of 7 we have a LOT of a LOT!

August- still packing, soccer started, school started, boy scouts continued, still packed, moved, attempted to unpack

It's now September and I still have pictures that need to be hung, shelves to be bought, hung and filled. 

With all that has been going on what I miss most about blogging is reaching out to other crafty friends that we've met along the way. Our market night posts are our way of reaching out and encouraging other crafters to keep it coming! One day while Stacy was checking out our instagram feed, she came across the cutest embroidered camera hoop that she said, "I need"...and you know what...I did "need" it. 

Please check out our new Instagram friend's shop and her blog. I love my new camera hoop and can't wait to finish unpacking my craft room to find the perfect place for it. Thanks again Alyson!