Friday, December 7, 2012

{Handmade Holiday} bags galore!

Since the very beginning of our (attempt) at blogging we've wanted to highlight our favorite vendors, craft items and boutiques. April was one of the first crafty vendors we met and connected with from the very beginning of our Bubbas Basics adventure. We blogged about her here too. She is super sweet, fun and helpful for us rookies.

Not only does she have a successful Etsy shop, and popular blog, but she is (more importantly) a great momma to a lil' beauty and a wife to a Marine (thank never enough) and together they're stationed in Japan.

I mean seriously, how cute it she?!?

Think my husband is reading my blog, if not can someone please tell him I LOVE her chevron totes, I'd like one in every color please!

Her military makeup bags are available for every branch.

And her ruffled pouches, so cute!

And the knotted necklaces too. Heck if you see my hubby, tell him I want one of everything! Please and thanks!


  1. what a fun surprise to see this blog post!!! i love you girls <3 thank you thank you thank you for a fun feature :)

    1. I'm really wanting to get the blog going more! But we really started it to promote ourselves and other crafty friends. And of course we had to feature you! Enjoy your first Christmas in Japan! <3 Hugs coming at you from So Cal!

  2. Replies
    1. I really think that when you can come down a visit again, we need to plan it around one of the big boutiques! Although, you may need to win the lottery first ;) <3 and miss you!