Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{photo-shoot bubba style}

Our Bubba's Basics photo shoot has been in the works for a while.

The plan- Step 1: wake up our very happy and excited darling children

                Step 2: take them on a mini-road trip to Redlands
                Step 3: they will ALL cooperate and wear our new Bubba's ties and trucker hats
                Step 4: they will all pose and look like baby and kid Gap models

Sounds simple enough right? Did I mention that we have a combined 8 children?!? My oldest (16) was at his mom's house so I'm sure he was heartbroken that he didn't get to part take in this day of torture fun. Even with one kid down we still have 7, and they are all under 10. 

Here's how it really went down- 
                The night before I was still frantically finishing a dress for lil' Miss Sassy pants to wear. I didn't turn out the way I had planned in my head, but it worked for the shoot. Although I'm not sure if she'll be able to wear it much after that. 
                 The day of the morning started fine, kids woke up, cooperated and we got in the car within the (very generous) "what time are we leaving" window Stacy and I agreed upon. When we arrived in beautiful downtown Redlands, the chaos began. My darling 2 year old refused to hold my hand so as I grab it, his knees stop working and he falls to the I am now practically dragging him across the cross walk, while he said over and over, "whet go momma, whet go"! Let the fun begin! On the sidewalk he has freedom again, so his knees are healed and work! Amazing...he's a miracle! 
                 As we get to our location, the above darling 2 year old refused to wear a tie OR a hat. Seriously?!? I've never met a more concerned about his clothes child at his age. He even has a cute pair of  shoes that he will not wear...I guess they'll be saved for the baby to wear in a couple years. The older kids cooperated very well and did a great job. The baby finally woke up and was perfect...poor guy is at a serious disadvantage that he can't run away. Then once again there's the 2 year old, he was running all over the place. [He shall now be known as Flash from here on out]. Flash would sit still for 1.2 seconds then boom-he was out of the shot. 
                 So here's a little preview of our shoot. We'll post more later and will have an album on our facebook page

A behind the chaos look captured by Stacy. 

Shockingly, Flash wasn't in this shot. And how is it, that we give them funny props on sticks and they get serious?!?

Stacy grabbed Flash and set him on the suitcase, this is right before he started crying and reaching for me.

We finally have a shot with him NOT crying or running away! Not a great one, but we have one!

 And one last one...with ALL the kiddos! Flash was trying to grab the baby. 

Well the shoot wasn't what I had pictured, but in the end we got a few cute shots (more coming up another day) and we had a few laughs too [and a yummy lunch- imagine the panic attack the the employees must have had as we ALL walked into the tiny 50's burger joint].