Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Target Tuesday} Another iced treat tutorial

I'm the first to admit, I'm an addict. A keurig addict that is. I've had more coffee in the last 6 months, since buying my slice of coffee heaven, than I've probably had in all my coffee drinking years!

My lovely coffee-pushing neighbor not only introduced my to the best machine known to man (my keurig) but also got me addicted to this homemade version of Starbucks iced lattes.  And I in-turned introduced my version to Stacy...what can I say we are a coffee pushing neighborhood! Stacy's version is a little different than mine but the idea is still the same.

Directions:  1. make an 8 once cup of your favorite brew (I really like Donut house-from Target...of course!)
2. Add ice to your favorite glass (or in my case my re-useable Starbucks cup)
3. Pour coffee over ice or wait until coffee cools then pour over ice
4. Add your favorite creamer (my choice- carmel macchiato), milk or half and half
5. Add a squirt of carmel syrup (optional)
6. Enjoy with your feet up, while ignoring the summertime arguing of your school aged children...wait maybe that's just me. Well enjoy anyway you like! 

WARNING: if you follow these instructions, especially with Carmel macchiato creamer, you may never pay $4 for an iced coffee again. 

*We are in no way affiliated with keurig or starbucks and are not being compensated in anyway. We just like sharing yummy treats with our friends. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Market Night} The Pleated Poppy

Not that she's needs a big introduction, but this week we are featuring Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy!

She was recently a vendor with us at QBM, and had so many great products that she had not 1 but count them 2 full booths of beautiful craftiness! If I didn't have a strict budget and a list of gifts to buy, I would've been buying myself a few things...the difficult task would've been to narrow down what to buy.

Perhaps the lovely Ipad cover (photo from

Or the fabulous chevron pencil/pen pouch...not sure how I missed this at QBM! I need one to hold all my colored pens for my calendar {yes I'm a little nutty with my planner...more on that later}. (This photo also from

I also love her chunky button hairclips. 

And I am really regretting not getting this super cute zippered pouch. I have a few pouches from various vendors, but I LOVE this fabric...teal and red my FAVE!

Because Queen Bee runs their own central checkout system (which is awesome), Stacy and I didn't have to stay the whole weekend. The down side to that is that we didn't even get to meet Lindsey. So next time, Lindsey, we will stop by and chat. And we wanted to thank you (and your followers) for stopping by our little blog or checking out our instagram pics. We can only hope to continue to grow and be like you one day.

As always, our 'Market Night' shout outs are our way of giving back to our favorite vendors (and there is a long list!) and we are in no way paid by the featured artist. We just love {and in some cases -stalk- them {via social networking sites}.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crafts For a Cause

We are heading to the beach AGAIN!!!!

Join us on Saturday July 21st 
in Long Beach
for a SPECIAL event
Penelope Lane Boutique has teamed up with

Admission is FREE, but we would LOVE if our friends & fans would donate to the Ms Wheelchair Foundation while you are there

A few of the many vendors that you can expect to see there

To Learn more about ALL of the vendors that will be there follow the Penelope Lane Boutique blog HERE and watch for updates in the next few weeks.

For more info, you can also check out the event page HERE

Sunday, June 10, 2012

{Market Night} Queen Bee Re-cap {part 1}

Last weekend, we were among a fabulous group of creative women (I didn't see many men...not sure if any vendors were or not) Stacy and I have wanted to go and check out the Queen Bee market during the last few shows but with busy schedules, a long-ish drive, and dragging kids...we just haven't gotten a chance.

We were among the jealous when we heard that Snap conference was not only out of state, but also that the spring Queen Bee Market would be taking place in Utah and not in San Diego this year.  Why hasn't anyone invented a tele-porter so I can be in two places at the same time?!? Seriously, someone get on that!

We were super excited and nervous when we decided to take the plunge and apply to the Spring-ish market that wasn't originally planned for SD area. We weren't really sure what to expect other than pure awesome-ness! Well...I will let the pictures and links do the talking... Let's just say that there will be lots to talk about! I have many more pictures of vendors to stayed tuned for {part 2}.

Little Miss Kitchen Bliss (more about these fantastic friends of our on a future 'Market Night' post)

We can't wait for the next one!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Most of my life last week revolved around getting ready for Queen Bee and Relay for Life. It was an amazing weekend! Come Monday I was exhausted but it was a good exhausted!

1-New products-Growth chart Rulers! We posted these on our personal FB pages and sold quite a few to friends, so we packed them with us for Queen Bee too!

2-Ever feel like you're being watched? I had that feeling a LOT last week as I was busy painting up more of our very popular Peg dolls.

3-After a long few weeks of working hard the Bubbas' mommas needed a reward!

4-I've told you before that we LOVE to shop at the boutiques. I was really good last time. But this time I scored gifts for my two nieces, a friend of mine and a few cute things for me. (links will be posted on my -day late- market post.

1-During a dinner out to celebrate boy #1 and my mother in laws birthdays, baby #5 found us all Boeing and provided his (and our) entertainment.

2-My boys #2 & #3 with their Relay buddy.

3-Enjoying a morning with boy #4 at the park before our Stroller Strides workout.

4-I don't know a lot about cares, but vintage cars are awesome! I was lucky enough to have set up an amazing set of fathers day shoots for some clients (and myself)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Target Tuesday} on Thursday!

It's no secret that I love the nautical trend that is everywhere right now! And when I say everywhere I really mean seriously EVERYwhere. I recently saw this great display at my home away from home a.k.a. Super Target, and I love that even the greeting card companies are picking up on the nautical (and chevron) trends.

I even picked up a card for my hubby for fathers day! We will be posting a couple of cute craft ideas in Pinning ideas for Father's day too. Make sure you are following us on Pinterest.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Why I Relay}-year 2 at ACS Relay for Life

I've always said that people come into your life for a reason-whether good or bad. I've now been blessed to be part of an amazing Relay for Life team for the last two years. While I'm no longer friends with the chick that introduced me to this wonderful group of women, I can't help but be grateful to have known her because without her I may not know the amazing women that I'm happy to have as part of my Relay family.

Like many others, I too have been touched by cancer. While I personally have not had to battle the beast myself, I've lost love ones.

So when people ask me why I relay this is what I should say...

I relay for my grandparents. I relay because they should've seen me graduate high school. They should've gotten the chance to know me as an adult. They should've seen me marry my best friend. They should've been able to spoil and love my beautiful boys. I had the greatest grandparents!

I relay for my husband's great aunt. She was a beautiful, giving thoughtful women. I'll never forget the day I first met her, she had the warmest smile and gave the greatest hugs. She welcomed me to the family as if she'd known me for years. I relay because she should've been able to spoil her grand daughter for more than 2 short years. I relay because she'd be so happy for her other daughter and her new baby on the way.

I relay for my neighbors. She is a survivor and is now a caregiver for her husband. They not only love my hubby and I but the love my boys like their own grandchildren. I relay so we can continue to love them and they can be around for many more years to come.

I relay for my husbands grandparents. I never met them, but would've loved the opportunity to. I relay for my husbands uncle, another member of the family I never got to meet.

And I relay in hopes that my children will never have to worry about missing out on meeting, loving, spoiling or being spoiled by family member because of this terrible disease.

To say that Relay was amazing, would not give it justice. It was so much more than that. It was a day to inspire, a day to celebrate, a day to remember and a day to fight back.  This next year, I've decided that being part of a team is amazing, but I want to do more. I'll be joining the committee that helps to plan the big event. I can't wait to get to keep you posted as planning starts!

We actually went to two Relays! One on May 19th (Menifee) that was just a mile from our house. We walked there and back. And we surprised our neighbors (Grandma Ruth and Papa Andy) with a Luminaria in their honor.  (Above left is...) My boys #2 and #3 showing grandma Ruth the luminaria. (bottom Left and right...) Boy #4 enjoying time with his grandma and papa...check out grandma's mix match socks for the spirit laps. 

Ruth and I in our mix match socks. Baby #5 wearing his Relay tie-dye shirt and looking very sleepy. He was such a trooper and stayed the night with me. He was so good! And technically this is his 2nd relay...I was pregnant with him last year. And a cute picture of 'us'...we don't have many anymore. We are usually the ones taking the pictures. 

Above is the collage from the 1st Relay of this year.  Can't wait until next year! There are Relay events EVERYWHERE, be sure to check out the one in your town.