Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Handmade Holiday}- We've nailed it with this one!

Last June, Stacy and I went to the 1st ever Elevate Bloggers conference co-hosted by Summer of Made by Munchies Mama. Somehow I managed to not post about Elevate...I'll keep it was AWEsome! We left with inspiration, great swag, a cute craft that we made, sore abs {lots...I mean LOTS of laughing} and sore cheeks {again with the laughing and smiling}, but more than anything we left with friends. 

We have since seen Summer as she started selling at some of the same boutiques as us this summer! Stacy and I love that we continue to see our crafty/blogging friends in real life not just on our phone/ipad/computer screens.

Summer is not only adorable but she's hilarious too! Make sure to follow her blog to hear about her, her 2 adorable boys {one named since we both have Dylan's we were meant to be friends, right?!?} and her hubby.

You can check out her awesome 'Nailed it Decals' on both Etsy and Store Envy. My favorites are the chevron and anchors!

Happy shopping!

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