Monday, November 12, 2012

Good old fashion imagination {and pegs}

Sometimes I look around my house and wonder how my parents (and I for that matter) survived "back in the olden days" as my boy #2 says.

We are blessed and have lots of electronic toys for all of us. Between video gaming systems, computers, iPads and laptops I sometime forget how easy it is to hand them over to the boys to keep them busy while I get work done. But I also wonder to how future generations will be effected.

When boy #2 started school we implemented the no video games during the school week rule. So I do see my boys using their imagination, playing OUTside and pretending to be superheroes, ninjas and policeman. But it gets me thinking that there are plenty of kids that are plugged in constantly to 'toys' that don't let them experience the fun that they can only experience in real world.

I'm not perfect, nor pretend to be. There are times that I hand over the iPad to my toddler so he will be quiet while I get in my stroller strides workout. Tonight though, without being prompted, without being told turn off the tv and video games-my boy #2 made up is own game using our peg dolls. It was magical. He made rules and a simple game board. It wasn't high tech, it didn't require batteries, to be plugged in or even the Internet...can you imagine that?!? My boys played for a solid hour using brains and imagination! It's the simple things in life that melt my heart.

And my pegs can be found in our newly opened Etsy store {shameless plug}

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