Friday, November 2, 2012

{Market Night} Vintage Sunshine

Summer really has Stacy and I falling behind on blogging, my goal over the next few weeks is to really get back into it again. I'm always busy over the summer, but this one I was beyond busy! Here's a quick rundown:

June-  boys (#2 and #3) out of school for summer, soccer sign ups, Elevate conference (blog to come), friends daughter's birthday party, Relay for Life team party, Father's day mini photography sessions, Boy #3's birthday party, Boy Scouts, Dentist appointments, my dad's birthday, father's day, my mother in law's birthday, boy #1's birthday, and road trip to Washington to visit my family and to see my new niece (born on boy #3's birthday)

July- was filled with lots of adventures in Seattle (Science Center, Pike's place, ferry rides) and surrounding areas (camping, beach walking, smore making) and when I returned to CA, we made a decision that we were going to move...all of two doors down but a move none the less, so I packed and packed and packed...and packed some more. As a family of 7 we have a LOT of a LOT!

August- still packing, soccer started, school started, boy scouts continued, still packed, moved, attempted to unpack

It's now September and I still have pictures that need to be hung, shelves to be bought, hung and filled. 

With all that has been going on what I miss most about blogging is reaching out to other crafty friends that we've met along the way. Our market night posts are our way of reaching out and encouraging other crafters to keep it coming! One day while Stacy was checking out our instagram feed, she came across the cutest embroidered camera hoop that she said, "I need"...and you know what...I did "need" it. 

Please check out our new Instagram friend's shop and her blog. I love my new camera hoop and can't wait to finish unpacking my craft room to find the perfect place for it. Thanks again Alyson! 

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