Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Handmade Holiday}-gift ideas

In my attempts to keep our blog going, I spent a few days to think about why we blog. To be 100% honest we started as a way to promote our Buisness. But shortly after starting, we integrated our Market Night posts, and I knew that the reason I wanted to blog was to not only help our business but also to help promote others.

I tend to think that I'm pretty crafty, but there are times when I'd rather support another handmade business than make it myself. I love handmade gifts! The thought that goes into them, the time and most importantly the heart that goes into them {even if its not made by me}.

For the next month or so {42 days until Christmas} I'll be posting about either a handmade {crafty} vendor that we love or a simple and fun gift that you can make and gift yourself.

This crafty momma is not only very talented, but is super sweet and Stacy and I are so very glad we met her at Penelope Lane boutique earlier this year. Please check out Heather's Buisness {sTuck in the Coop}on Etsy and on Store Envy and like her Facebook page too.

Here's a few of MY favorites, but make sure to check out her stores to find yours. I've even messaged my hubby on facebook to let him know that ANYthing from her shop is on my Christmas wish list...I'm keepin' it real around here.

beach inspired

colorful cuff {I have one in teal...yes teal, I'm sure you're shocked}

She even has gifts for men. And I love this one. 

And probably my favorite is her nest and eggs, although there needs to be a couple for eggs to make it for me. 

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