Sunday, June 10, 2012

{Market Night} Queen Bee Re-cap {part 1}

Last weekend, we were among a fabulous group of creative women (I didn't see many men...not sure if any vendors were or not) Stacy and I have wanted to go and check out the Queen Bee market during the last few shows but with busy schedules, a long-ish drive, and dragging kids...we just haven't gotten a chance.

We were among the jealous when we heard that Snap conference was not only out of state, but also that the spring Queen Bee Market would be taking place in Utah and not in San Diego this year.  Why hasn't anyone invented a tele-porter so I can be in two places at the same time?!? Seriously, someone get on that!

We were super excited and nervous when we decided to take the plunge and apply to the Spring-ish market that wasn't originally planned for SD area. We weren't really sure what to expect other than pure awesome-ness! Well...I will let the pictures and links do the talking... Let's just say that there will be lots to talk about! I have many more pictures of vendors to stayed tuned for {part 2}.

Little Miss Kitchen Bliss (more about these fantastic friends of our on a future 'Market Night' post)

We can't wait for the next one!

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