Friday, June 8, 2012


Most of my life last week revolved around getting ready for Queen Bee and Relay for Life. It was an amazing weekend! Come Monday I was exhausted but it was a good exhausted!

1-New products-Growth chart Rulers! We posted these on our personal FB pages and sold quite a few to friends, so we packed them with us for Queen Bee too!

2-Ever feel like you're being watched? I had that feeling a LOT last week as I was busy painting up more of our very popular Peg dolls.

3-After a long few weeks of working hard the Bubbas' mommas needed a reward!

4-I've told you before that we LOVE to shop at the boutiques. I was really good last time. But this time I scored gifts for my two nieces, a friend of mine and a few cute things for me. (links will be posted on my -day late- market post.

1-During a dinner out to celebrate boy #1 and my mother in laws birthdays, baby #5 found us all Boeing and provided his (and our) entertainment.

2-My boys #2 & #3 with their Relay buddy.

3-Enjoying a morning with boy #4 at the park before our Stroller Strides workout.

4-I don't know a lot about cares, but vintage cars are awesome! I was lucky enough to have set up an amazing set of fathers day shoots for some clients (and myself)

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  1. Newest Follower! I found you through the Elevate Blog Conference:) You are so darn creative, keep it up. I am inspired!