Monday, September 17, 2012

Another fun, easy and cheap activity {and tutorial}

I'm always looking for crafts and activities that are not only easy on my wallet, but that will also keep all my boys entertained (at least for a few minutes). And my absolute favorite crafts are ones that I can make from my current hoard stash of craft supplies.

But first a little back story...

I've been a member of a mom and baby workout group (Stroller Strides) for almost 2 years now, I could get in to all the reasons why I love it, but that wasn't my original intention of this post, so that'll wait until another day.  As part of the group we have a play group for the kiddos once a week. One mommy is in charge of coming up with crafts and/or activities for the kids to do after the moms finish working out. As of the end of May, I am not the new PGC (Play group captain) of our group. I LOVE my new position, I love coming up with new ideas or searching the endless crafts on Pinterest, and I love testing out the crafts with my boys. to the reason I started the post to begin with...a great, yummy and cheap craft to keep even the squirmiest kids busy, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Supplies: colorful circle cereal (I used fruit loops) but you could use apple jacks, cherrios, etc
                A string to put the cereal on
                And willing children

Check out lil' J's concentration (tongue)

Even my oldest was smiling...most likely because I had just told him he gets to eat it when he was finished.

Even D was focused and working

Yes he was excited to eat it too. 

Any craft that is cheap, easy and edible has my vote anyday.

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