Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey Girl......

You MUST have seen this "Hey Girl" series floating around the internet. I mostly see them pop up on Pinterest, but enjoy the random postings by pages that I follow on Facebook.  At first I didn't pay too much attention since I'm not particularly a Ryan Gosling fan (please don't throw any stones) ;)

But this is more my type of celebrity hotness:
(I had to find a way to get  Channing Tatum on our blog in some way)

Go ahead, take a few moments to gawk......

yes, you may have a few more moments......

.....feel free to come back and visit anytime and stare at Channing......

Now back to the reason you are here, still reading this.....

....Ummm........What was I talking about?!

Oh yes, Hey Girl & Ryan Gosling......

So, the more I see these Hey Girls pop up, the funnier they are to me.... Maybe I'll have to go check out a Ryan Gosling movie sometime soon now. And if YOU are a Ryan Gosling you go, and you're welcome.

Here are a few of my favorites:

For the bloggers:
For the scrapbookers:

For the DIYers:

For Etsy shop owners:

And for those of you who create and participate in handmade markets (my FAVE "Hey Girl" so far):

I found most of these "Hey Girls" on this group on Tumblr: Handmade Ryan Gosling While you're there look at the other groups they follow..... you can find Hey Girls for all sorts of topics, Teachers, baking, and even home birth. :) Have fun!


  1. I'm totally with you - while I'm not a Ryan Gosling fan either, I still think these are funny!

    1. When I first started seeing them, I was totally puzzled.... well Im probably still puzzeled by them, but look forward to new ones popping up :) HA!