Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Insta-catch up}

Blueberries, Baseball, and Roller Coasters = awesome

Broken toes, ER room and stitches = not so awesome

Trying to play catch up on my instagram posts...for father's day we celebrated not only father's day but my boy #3's 7th birthday as well. We headed out to enjoy a sunny day at Knott's Berry Farm. The Mister and my two biggest boys enjoyed a few big, scary rides while I got a little bit of time with my little guys. Awesome!

I was almost home from shooting a military homecoming session, when my frantic  Mister called telling me to meet him at the ER. Our table bench fell on Boy #4's big toe and it was cut and bleeding a LOT, like A LOT. Thankfully, I was at the exit when he called and was able to get paperwork started so he was able to get in right away. My poor baby, not only had a fractured toe, but part of the bone is still floating around. He also just about lost his toe and will most likely lose the toe nail. He had to be sedated in order to have the doctors stictch his nail back on. NOT so awesome. Oh and I should mention that this all happened on BOY 3#'s actual birthday and I didn't even get to see him awake. Mom fail.

I'm thankful that he is generally a happy guy. 1..at the dentist, though NOT so fun. 2...in the ER cuddling daddy. 3..post tramatic ER trip, having breakfast with his animal and dino friends. 4..having fun on a knotts ride pre-take off, post take off, not so much.

I love that my boys love to read! And I love even more that their school encourages it! In March as part of Read Across America (to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday) if kids read a certain amount of books (or chapters for the older kids).

I was finally able to go to the local blue berry farm. SO fun and SO delicious!

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