Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun, cheap and easy water play idea and {tutorial}

Having a house full of boys, I'm always looking for new and fun ways to keep them entertained. And I don't mean by getting them hooked on a new video game or new tv show, in fact during the school year video games are not allowed during the week at all. But during the summer, all bets are off. It's HOT here, like usually 100* of miserable HOT. And while I don't want my boys to turn into little video gamer zombies, I have to get creative and come up with new ways to get us outside without the fear of melting. I'd love to spend the summer at the beach but with 2 boys under 2.5, 2 older boys that would be jumping all over and a teenager that most likely wouldn't want to join us (I think my hubby and I are not longer cool enough to hang out with much...gotta love teenagers)  I'm sure I'm not going to be lounging in my chair with a drink in my hand, I'd be frantic and NOT relaxed. 

Here's a cheap easy way to get your kids OUTside, to get a little wet and to hopefully not melt in the hot sun. 

Buy a few packs of sponges. Mine were $2 for a two pack. I bought several packs since I was making them for a play group.

Cut the sponges in strips. I cut 10-12 per sponge. I found the easiest way was to cut the sponge in half, then half again and again until you had 10-12 pieces. 

Gather 10-12 pieces in your hand and use a zip-tie in the middle. Before you pull the zip tie all the way tight, make sure your sponge pieces are somewhat even at the top and bottom. 

Pull the zip tie tight and fan out the pieces. That's it, super cheap, easy and fast. 

Now time to put them in a bucket and watch the kids run around while you lounge in your comfy chair with a nice adult beverage in hand...oh wait that's my dream! How about, just a simple...enjoy. 

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