Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Summer Countdown}

With the exception of Monday, my kids have taken their fabulous teacher yummy edible sweets all week. While I know they loved every single bite, I do wonder if they will curse me later for the possible tightness in their jeans! For our last gift of the week, I thought I'd give them something that will last well past the end of the day. The girls at Eighteen25 did it again! Here's their fabulously simple and cute printable to help not only teachers but anyone countdown to summer (or a birthday or name it!) I had it printed at target to keep it close. I also found these fun dry erase markers at Target and included one for each teacher. Under the countdown picture I included this that they can have up throughout the year. Because I already had the 8x10 frames, this gift was less than $5 each. 

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