Thursday, May 10, 2012

{More Teacher Treats}- Teacher appreciation

Teachers and apples go together like peas and carrots (thank you Forrest Gump) like cheese and wine, like baseball and peanuts. But I thought that my boys teachers need to have a spruced version of the typical granny smith. I've seen different versions of these candy coated apples everywhere. Hard to know where the original idea came from, but I say it on Skip to my Lou.


Oreos (I used the regular size ones) I typically choose the "go big, or go home" motto in life. 

Candy coating. You can get them in several colors and most craft stores will have it in their cooking/backing section. 

Pretzel sticks
Green (watermelon) airheads for the leaves
Wax paper

tin or bag for packaging

Follow melting instructions for the candy. Insert toothpick into oreo and dip until covered. 

Place on wax paper to allow candy coating to harden. While it is still soft, add pretzel stick and small piece of green airhead shaped to look like a leaf. Super cute, right?

I had these perfect sized tins already and lined two layers of cookies with wax paper underneath and in between. 

Add a simple card. 

Add a ribbon or something to make a cute package, and your done. Simple, sweet, and most importantly delicious! 

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