Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{Target Tuesday, Tutorial and Teacher Appreciation}

It's no secret that Stacy and I are blessed with not only a fantastic school for our 'bubbas' to go to but also fabulous teachers as well.

Teacher appreciation week is coming up for us starting the week of the 7th, we thought we'd include a cute, inexpensive way to show your appreciation. Personal fact of the day- did you know that I (Angela) was a teacher for 6 years before being able to stay home with my lil' bubbas?

Everything was bought at Target, most of it in the dollar bins (one of our favorite places)!  In this case I'm lucky that I'm a craft supply hoarder collector and had several items to help complete the project. 

Here's what I used: Watering can, flower seeds, potting soil, burlap bag to put seed packets in, ribbon, washi tape (tashi-tape), chocolate candy making sticks, flower shaped stickers, gardening tools, and jute string.

I found these cute birds in the dollar bins...$2.50

Watering can...$1 you can also use the little pails and buckets that they have frequently. I had the lollipop sticks on hand!

Flower shaped stickers-I had them but they were $1.49 for 6! Flower seeds-I bought them in the garden section a few weeks ago for $1.89 only to find them in the dollar bins yesterday!

Gardening tools $1each

Ribbon from my 'stash'. 

I painted the lollipop sticks green with craft paint I had on hand and used the flower stickers. I didn't like that there was nothing on the back so I used 2 stickers for each flower. You could easily use scrapbook paper, felt, etc to make flowers too. 

I had treat bags that I used to put the potting soil in and tied them closed with jute string. 

I then stuck the garden stacks and a couple flowers into the bag of soil and tied the jute into a bow. 

After I added everything to the watering cans, I realized they were missing something. 

Again, thank you to Target for carrying washi-tape ("t-ashi tape) that I bought a few weeks ago. I added just a couple stripes...already better!

Then I added lots of ribbon to the handle...

I had cute little already cut tags and added a little note, "Thanks for helping me bloom this year!" 

Here's the breakdown of my cost: 

Watering can $1 x2
seeds $1.89 x2
Flower stickers $1.49
bird garden stacks $2.50
garden tools-$1 x4
Tashi-tape- on hand
soil-on hand
ribbon-on hand
treat bags-on hand
lolli-sticks-on hand
tags- on hand
burlap bags- on hand

$6.88 for each gift! 


  1. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. It was so great getting to meet you both at Elevate! I hope you have a great week... xoxo

    1. Thank you April :) We had a great time. So glad to have got to meet you too. We hope to get to hang out with everyone again :)
      ....PS, sorry for the slow reply, I forget to check comments :)