Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Sweet treats for sweet teachers}

Because I'm a craft supply hoarder 'collector', I already had the mason jars, ribbon, and paper. All I had to do was buy the m&ms and print the tag. Sweet and simple gift in under 5 minutes.

I originally saw it here, and I love the treat jars they use, but I also figured why go out and buy something when the mason jars I had will work just the same.

Start with mason jars and candy. 

add your extra embellishments. I used a very wide satin ribbon I already had, jute, tags printed from here and my circle punches. 

I put my 3inch circle punch on the lid (under the ring) but it kept slipping off, so I used my 3in scallop punch and it worked just fine; tied a cute bow on the front with the ribbon; attached the tag with tute and wrote on the back of the tag so my boys' teachers knew who their gifts came from. Super easy and maybe 5 minutes!

For a little extra sweetness, you can print this poem I found here. I will be cutting it out, glueing it to red cardstock and having it be a card. 

Cost breakdown...hold your breathe on this one it's painful ;)

Mason jars- FREE (on-hand in my 'collection')
Ribbon- FREE (on-hand)
Jute- FREE (on-hand)
Paper and tags- FREE (mostly...just printer ink...and my printer sucks so I used my neighbers!)
M&Ms- $2.89 each (sale price)

So each gift was around $3.00!

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