Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Spring Wreath Tutorial}

It's no secret that I love having a wreath on my door. But not just any wreath, a different one for every holiday or season and even ones that coordinate with my boys' birthday party themes.

With everything that I've been busy with, I've been quite the slacker lately and haven't had one up since February! What is wrong with me!?! It was long overdue!

My original inspiration for this burlap beauty came from Pinterest (always) but the actual tutorial can be found here. I will do my best to explain what I did, but if you get lost Laura's directions are easy to follow.

I went to my way-to-close-that I-go-almost-everyday local craft store to pick up a 16in wire wreath form, a 10yd long roll of burlap heaven garland and some cute little beaded flower-type picks. I also got a large (10-11in) wooden L (for my last name). 

Start looping the burlap through the wreath form. Make sure to loop through the top, middle, and bottom rims. To make it full, loop each rim a few times then push it all together. Continue around the whole form...or in my case until you run out and need to make another trip to the store for more burlap!

Here's where I changed up my wreath a bit. I love the one I saw on Pinterest, but wanted to have a cute filler wreath that wasn't holiday specific. I'm thinking this one will find a holding place inside my house when it is replaced for holiday wreaths.

Always great to have a cute little helper!

I used a dark teal for my L (big surprise...I say when all else fails or you can't decide, go with teal!) I had some jute string that I borrowed and haven't given back to Stacy around the house, that I used to tie the L on the form. I then weaved the beaded picks into the burlap. I didn't want to glue them down, incase I decide later to change the flowers to go with a specific season. 

Close up of the beaded flower picks. 

Finished and where it belongs...at least until the next holiday!

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